CSC Internet Service Reporting Form

Thank you for helping us to make corrections to the broadband map for our Central Sierra Connect Broadband Consortium (CSC) area. This is the first step to encouraging new infrastructure projects for our region's neighborhoods. Nothing will change without your valuable input. Please fill this form out for your residence and also for your place of work, then pass it on to everyone you know to make a real impact. We need your civic engagement, or we will continue to slip further behind in the digital divide! Your answers to this survey will go directly to the CSC. They will submit a spreadsheet with your corrections to the CA Public Utilities Commission to note the unserved and underserved broadband areas in our region and make changes to the map, by physical address.

Step 1: Run the speed test

Click "Start speed test" to begin. When the test is finished, make a note of the download and upload speeds.

Step 2: Complete the reporting form